What would you do if the world was ending today?

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  • Top 3 Locally Made Films for The Pitch 2014

    As chosen by users-“Withered World”  is in the running to be named Best Locally Made Film in The Pitch Weekly! Check out other categories and please vote for this #madeinKC film. Page 4, under “Arts …

  • “Withered World” featured in The Kansas City Star!

    http://www.kansascity.com/2014/05/28/5049408/kc-filmmakers-imagine-their-last.html Please come check out the last time to see “Withered World” at Screenland Crown Center May 29th-31st. 8:30pm each night.

  • CarGraded

    Return to Sender

    With just hours remaining in Earth’s last day, a young man determines to face what he’s been avoiding all day. A moment that’s been a lifetime in the making. Directed by Chris Bylsma Written by …

  • Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 5.44.35 AM

    Part 10: Eight and Happy

    Our filmmaker drops in on a Speed “Dating” Event, reflects on the more peaceful past and ultimately comes to grips with the last thing he has to do. Directed by: Chris Bylsma

  • Last Show Promo Poster-1

    Last Show

    A theater troupe bands together for their last performance with hilariously tragic consequences. Written/Directed by Justin Gardner

  • The End is Coming…

    We are certainly getting to the end of “Withered World” here is the remaining schedule for the series   September 23rd – Brian Reece’s “Champion” September 30th – Justin Gardner’s “Last Show” October 6th – …

  • Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 6.42.16 AM


    On the last day on earth, Nora Fields unexpectedly comes face to face with evil as she tries to protect her daughter from the dangers of the world. Written and Directed by Brian Reece

  • IMG_3034

    Pop Tarts

    Best Narrative Short Film Winner at the Kansas City Film Festival! A widower invites in a stranger for one last breakfast. Written and Directed by Kendal Sinn

  • Ollie’s Oms

    Ollie thought he was taking Heidi to a crazy, weird ‘end of the world’ bash. It got much weirder.

  • INC E9 Background

    Part 9: Goodbyes

    An unexpected turn of events forces our filmmaker to come to grips with his own situation as he continues to document people. Directed by: Chris Bylsma

  • Part 8: Therapy

    Catching up with a skeptical old friend; meeting a couple who can finally “freely explore” a relationship.discussing therapy, sincerity, & happiness (or the lack of it) with a loner; & following up on a very …

  • EPISODE7.Still005

    Part 7: Alone or Together

    After a hostile encounter the group discusses the search for connections, time spent with family and with those that have none. While finding an emptiness within themselves. Directed by: Chris Bylsma

  • #WebSeriesWednesday

    On July 30th, 2013 “Withered World” was chosen by Snobby Robot for his #WebSeriesWednesday segment on twitter. You can follow him @SnobbyRobot  on twitter or visit www.snobbyrobot.com for more information. It was great for the series! …

  • IFNIGHTCOMES_E6.Still003

    Part 6: Try Again

    Is this search for nothing? The crew has their last meal.

  • images-3

    4 Episodes of “Withered World” playing at the Fringe Festival

    We are very proud to announce that beginning July 19th, 4 episodes of “Withered World” will be playing at Kansas City’s Fringe Festival! Tickets and more information can be found on their website and on …